OH, For The Love of Smoothies

When we moved to the OKC area 5+ years ago, there were many things that we missed. Of course, our family and friends were on the top of the list. But we missed other simple things like the grocery store that we had become accustomed too, the restaurants that we frequented that aren’t in OK.

So when traveling back to Texas, we made it a point to stop in at our favorite places while we were there visiting family and friends. It’s funny that they all new when we were coming for a visit, where we’d want to eat.

While I was in Texas a few months ago visiting my parents, my husband called me. Upon answer he said, “You’ll never guess what I just found”!
I couldn’t imagine what he’d “found” since he’s always on Craigslist on the hunt for his next bargain. So when he told me I was surprised.

He said, “OKC has a Smoothie King now”.

I really thought he was kidding. Then I thought, surely it is just another smoothie place. Nope, he texted me a picture and sure enough it’s a Smoothie King!

Oh my goodness. I love Smoothie King. It is a place that I have missed having from when we lived in Texas. I even looked into starting up a franchise when we moved here. But, that was more costly than I imagined.

But, I am oh so glad that someone had it in their budget to open not one, but two locations. The OKC location is a bit of a drive for me but I admit that I made the trip a few times. That is until the Edmond location opened just a few weeks ago.

Now I feel like saying, “Hello, my name is Tamara and I have a Smoothie addition”. I had at least 2 smoothies last week. On a side note, they’re great when you’re feeling under the weather. Can I use that as my excuse for now?

Do you like smoothies? Have you tried Smoothie Kind smoothies? Which is your favorite flavor?

This is not an ad of any kind, just my personal opinion. But I still wanted to share the addresses with you so you could try them out. And don’t forget to let me know what you think after you’ve tried a smoothie from there.

Oklahoma City Location
5921 SW 3rd Street, OKC
Edmond Location
1585 S Broadway, Edmond

Smoothie King 1

This is Day 2 of my personal writing challenge

Finding Myself Already Behind On Day One

For many, the New Year brings resolutions. A resolution; new plans &/or goals. But really we don’t need a New Year to start anew. In fact, I joined in on a writing challenge beginning today, February 1st. I joined in on this challenge to get me jump-started into blogging again. After all I have big goals over the next few months.

Due to some things going on here at home after our big move and other things within the family, I know that I have been MIA too much over the last several months. Being MIA, wasn’t intentional at all. And now, on day #1, I feel like I am already behind. I had really good intentions to get a post written & scheduled for first thing this morning, but things don’t always go as planned. I spent most of the weekend in bed and then a couple of hours in the doctor’s office today.

After arriving at the doctor’s office today, I found it ridiculous that I had to fill out all new paperwork even as an existing patient plus sign a form giving my doctor consent to treat me. If I didn’t want to be treated I wouldn’t have spent my afternoon in his office. I could have found many more interesting things to do with my two hours. Maybe it was my headache that found me grouchy about the situation.

Would you have found this situation as irritating?

Luckily I like and trust my doctor otherwise I may have just walked out. But I have used this doctor since moving here 5+ years ago. Too bad his office staff isn’t up to par, in my opinion. And while I am on topic, they need some better magazines! I guess I could take a stack to leave there next time I have an appointment.

What is your favorite magazine to flip through while waiting at the doctors office?

This is Day 1 of my personal 10 minute writing challenge.

Yucatan Guacamole, Review

I received a coupon from Influenster for the Yucatan Guacamole. It was compliments of Influenster in exchange for my honest review.

Yucatan Guacamole

If there is one thing that I like, it’s Mexican food. I could make Mexican food dishes just about every night but I am afraid my family would have me committed to a taco house, if there was such a thing. After-all, there is a Taco Tuesday, so why not a taco house.

We all know that Guacamole goes great with any Mexican food. In fact, many, many years ago, when my husband and I were still dating he would order guacamole. I insisted that I didn’t even like guacamole, but in reality I hadn’t even tried it. I just knew it was green and that I didn’t eat it growing up. Silly me! But over time my husband convinced me that it was good. So it wasn’t long and he had to start sharing his guacamole. I didn’t even realize what I was missing out on until then. But now, I am sure glad that I ventured out of my comfort zone.

If not, it sure would be hard to do this review. I have already mentioned that I love snacking and Mexican food. And now you know that I love guacamole even though I hadn’t even tried it until about 20 years ago thanks to my husband. I love that this Yucatan Guacamole is chunky. It is fresh, like you’ve just made it yourself from avocados. And that is important when eating our favorite foods.

If I could invite you over right now, I would serve up some chips and Yucatan Guacamole.

Don’t forget to check them out on their website

And on social media

FB Page


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Alexia Frozen Sides, Review

Influenster sent me a complimentary coupon for Alexia Frozen Sides, in exchange for my honest review.

Alexia Frozen Sides Coupon
So with my coupon I chose the sweet potato fries. For a couple of reasons; they are great alone and they go great with chicken. Not to mention it is a little different from the typical fries.

I was really tempted to get the waffle fries so that I could share a recipe with you, but I will do that on another day!

I love that the sides have just the right amount of seasoning. They are also fresh and I don’t have to worry about bad pieces. My kids loved that I served a Alexia Frozen Side with dinner, especially since it was different than the norm. It’s always great to change things up a bit. And there were no complaints coming out at the table with this side dish.

I love that Alexia offers many different frozen food varieties. They have potatoes, appetizers, breaks, and side dishes.

I have also purchased other Alexia sides before and loved them just as well.

The Alexia Frozen Sides are fresh, tasty and I feel confident about the ingredients in the sides, since they are all natural. Alexia Foods offers a recipe tab on their website. So if you’re looking for extra inspiration, head on over there too. They also have a tab with video’s and tips. I know that I love to cook and bake, but I can still use extra inspiration at times. Can’t we all?

Here is their website so that you can see the variety of items that they have to offer Alexia Foods

Their FB Page

Remember that I told you they have recipes and videos, check them out on Pinterest

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Downy Liquid Fabric Softener, Review

I love when I receive items from Influenster complimentary in exchange for my honest review.

And this one brings back fond memories as well.

Downy 1

For as long as I can remember, my mom has used Downy Liquid Fabric Softener. I can remember her knowing exactly when to pull the top of the washing machine up and pour in just the right amount of the “blue liquid” so that our clothes would be fresh. This was before the front load washers. My how times have changed! Does that tell my age or what? But even before I had a front load washer I never could remember when to open the lid and pour in the liquid fabric softener. So I bought a little ball and poured in just enough for the load I was washing. Does anybody remember those Downy balls? If there is a way to have a good ‘ol memories about laundry, then this is it. The awesome smell of April Fresh Downy!

I love how Downy Liquid Fabric Softener makes my clothes feel soft, smell fresh, and keeps them static-free. Downy Liquid Fabric Softener also protects against laundry damage such as stretching, fading, and fuzz. When buying items other than food, such as Downy, I shop at Target.

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Mr. Sketch Scented Marker/Highlighter, ReView

Do you ever have those little things that can bring back some fond memories? And now I have to thank Influenster for the complimentary items that I received in exchange for my honest review. Now they’re even bringing back memories to me!

Mr Sketch Scented Marker

Well, that is what happened when I got the Mr. Sketch Scented Marker in this VoxBox. When I was a little girl, I remember getting scented markers as a gift at Christmas time. Oh, the things that I could create! My, how those were simpler times. Now kids get electronics and other large items, mine included. Did you ever have scented markers as a child?

This marker is orange scented, but not so much that it is overwhelming. It still highlights great and would be a great addition to a students school list.

The information that came in my VoxBox says that there will be a special edition this holiday. A Holiday pack includes the candy cane and gingerbread scented markers. This is another great stocking stuffer idea. That is how I plan to use the coupon that I received from Influenster. Thanks Influenster!

They have a really cool website. Check out their website, the kids would even love the website too Mr. Sketch Scented Marker

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popchips, Review


If you haven’t heard of or tried the popchips yet, then stick around. I recently received the popchips complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest review.

popchips 1

Well, I have already admitted that I enjoy having snacks, usually sweet but sometimes lightly salted. I have seen these popchips bags in stores for quite a while but had not taken the plunge to purchase any. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Once I tried a couple, I decided to read the bag since it wasn’t like anything I had experienced. These are not baked or fried. In fact, it is a potato that has heat and pressured added for a “pop”. Then of course a little sea salt added for that extra special taste. This is something that I would buy again. I was a bit stingy on my popchips, I didn’t let my family do any taste testing on these. Ooops!

And they offer a variety of flavors. So I plan to check them out as well. And just maybe, I’ll share them with my family!

I know quite a few will get excited about popchips. This product contains no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no synthetic colors, no cholesterol, 0 grams trans fat, and is gluten free and vegan free.

I know that you’ll want to connect when them on social media so here ya go ;-)

FB Page


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Werther’s Original Soft Caramels, Review

Another item from my Influenster Pumpkin VoxBox is the Werther’s Original Soft Caramels. I received a package complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest review.

Werthers Original Soft Caramel
Werther’s Original Soft Caramels

What do you think of when you think of Werther’s? I think of growing up and my parents having hard candied caramels in the house, Werthers. Great memories! Did you know that Werther’s also has a soft caramel? It is the same amazing taste of the Werther’s Original but now in a soft caramel that is smooth and creamy. Mmm Goodness!

I know that I am not supposed to have anything gooey right now, since I am still wearing braces, but I couldn’t resist this yummy goodness. And shhh, don’t tell my orthodontist. Luckily, I was able to pull pieces apart and enjoy without any problems.

If you haven’t tried the Werther’s Original Soft Caramels yet, you must run out to get some. They really are worth it and I have no doubt that the kids would enjoy. This might be a great stocking stuffer idea!

Check them out on social media FB Page
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goodnessknows snack squares, Review

Last month while I was in Texas, my Influenster Pumpkin VoxBox arrived. I still love getting special treats in the mail and even better when I can offer my honest thoughts on products. Due to having a lot going on within the family, it has just taken me a little longer than anticipated to get to my review done. Thank you for being so much understanding.

Influenster Pumpkin VoxBox

Influenster Pumpkin VoxBox box

From time to time I will receive products complimentary from Influenster in exchange for my honest review.

This time I will be reviewing, from the Influenster Pumpkin VoxBox, the following items:

goodnessknows snack squares

Werther’s Original Soft Caramels


Ultra Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener

Alexia Foods – this was a coupon to get a free frozen side, so I chose the sweet potato fries.

Yucatan Guacamole – this was a coupon to get a free guacamole, so shopping I went ;-)

Mr. Sketch Scented Marker – this also came with a coupon to save $1.00 off of the 2 count or higher.

Don’t forget to check out my reviews on the other wonderful products.

goodnessknows snack squares

goodnessknows snack squares
I have a confession to make. I love sweets and treats. There, I said it! So it isn’t unusual that I like getting sweet treats to sample, such as the goodnessknows snack squares. Oh my goodness, have you tried them? It is an amazing goodie that combines nuts, fruit, oats and dark chocolate. Yes, all in one amazing and delicious snack. I received the peach & cherry, almond, and dark chocolate flavor to enjoy!

Now, sometimes we just need a little indulgence, right?! So I enjoyed a square immediately and saved the rest for the next day. But even if you wanted to enjoy all 4 squares at once it is only 150 calories. These 4 squares are bite size, so less mess too. Double win! I understand that there are other flavors so don’t forget to check out their website and look for them in your nearest store next time you make a grocery run.

Check out their website here: goodnessknows.com
And don’t forget to check them out on their social media pages as well
FaceBook Page


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Seasonal Allergies in OKC, Scotties Facial Tissue Review

OKC Love Image

Well, it is official.

We have lived in OKC for 5 years now! But technically, my kids and I didn’t relocate here until the first weekend in August even though my husband started work here July 12th, 5 years ago. But little did we know at that time that Oklahoma City was rated in the top 10 worst cities that will experience the worst spring time allergies. But really, OKC is in the top 3. We still love it here in OKC, even if it is listed in the top 3 cities for the worst spring allergies.

Look at this list! Are you in one of the top 10 cities that experience the worst spring allergies?

Jacksonville, MS *worst*
Louisville, KY
Oklahoma City, OK
Memphis, TN
Knoxville, TN
McAllen, TX
Wichita, KS
Dayton, OH
Providence, RI
Richmond, VA

My family suffers from seasonal allergies and my 2 boys also suffer from asthma. The seasonal allergies tend to trigger the asthma. We do our best to keep things under control, but there are times and situations where we have to be prepared for the stuffy, running nose, and itchy watery eyes, etc.

Many teenagers look for ways to earn a little cash during the summer months. Not only does it keep a few dollars in their pockets, but it teaches them some responsibility and it’s even better when it keeps them from getting bored or getting into trouble.

My teenage son is no different. He has wanted to earn his own money since he was a youngster. But to do so, he had to resort to lawn-care jobs, cleaning up buildings, etc. Because let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of options for teenagers until they are 16-18 years old. Yes, those are the places that have additional allergy triggers. From dust, molds, pollen, grasses, etc.

Even though my older son is 18 now, he still has work responsibilities and it consists of lawn-care and cleaning up during the summer. Because we prefer that he concentrate on school during the school year and working for himself during the summer months gives him flexibility. So it is not unusual for him to come in after a long day with itchy, watery eyes and stuffy, runny nose. I thought I would share a few of the things that he does to fight allergy season.

He will take an antihistamine in the morning and a decongestant at night. Drinking plenty of water and eating right, including plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. We wash bedding and towels in hot water, regularly. Wiping down surfaces to free them of dust, like counters, dressers, window blinds, ceiling fans, etc. We vacuum regularly too, because if you’re dusting it’s falling to the floor! We no longer have indoor plants (except for the occasional flowers that my husband brings home “just because” :-) ). We have also gotten rid of things like stuffed animals, fabric furniture, etc. as these items tend to have allergens that are hard to wash away. We also keep the mattress and pillow covered in an allergen-free cover. Wearing good sunglasses and a dust-mask when outdoors. Another thing that we feel is very helpful is for him to shower immediately after coming in from work. This removes the dirt, dust, grass, and other things that have collected on his skin while he has been exposed to the elements allergens that trigger the symptoms.

Even as hard as we try, he does still suffer from seasonal allergies at times. That is why we keep Scotties Facial Tissues on hand. And we are also stirring up a lot of dust at our new home (more details to come), so these tissues are real handy right now. I love the aloe lotion enriched Scotties Facial Tissues. You know that seasonal allergies (and household dust) typically equal a raw nose from all of the rubbing and wiping. Well Scotties Facial Tissues that are aloe lotion enriched are awesome. These 3-ply tissues are strong, yet still soft for that delicate skin. These are a must have from anyone that suffers from seasonal allergies, flu symptoms, etc. These would also be a great item to send to the school since they ask for facial tissue as part of the school supply list. Because we know that once school starts, so do the runny noses.

Scotties Facial Tissues Aloe Lotion

Scotties Facial Tissues w Aloe Lotion

Have you tried these 3-ply aloe lotion enriched Scotties Facial Tissues? What are some ways that you deal with seasonal allergies?

I was given 3-ply aloe lotion enriched Scotties Facial Tissues in exchange for a review. The review is my honest opinion as well as all details included here.

Here is the Scotties Facial Tissue website

And don’t forget to follow them on social media



When I clicked on their website, I noticed that right now you can register to win prizes right now as well as sign up for newsletters and savings. I don’t like getting a lot of junk email, but when there are savings and rewards I certainly don’t mind.

If you’re looking for additional information for the allergy suffers in your family, look here.

Allergy Fighting Tricks

Which City is the worst for spring allergies?

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America