My Cake Decorating Class

Who likes cake?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have been taking a cake decorating class.  I have now been through 4 classes and thought I would give you an update.

Class 1 – Lets just say that by the end of the 3 hours I was wondering what in the heck I had signed myself up for, considering we did a lot of listening and not much more.  I realize that there are class rules to go over, but come on we were all adults.  Not to mention if you can’t bake a cake yet, then this class is probably a bit advanced for you anyway.

Now, I still learned a few great tips that night though so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

My Tip #1 – take a pad for the stool.  My hiney was a bit sore from sitting so long!! Three hours in a long time to sit on a wooden stool.  And I was worried about my feet hurting, silly me. LOL ;-)

Class 2 – This was a bit more fun and challenging than the first class.  I baked two 10” cakes ahead of time & took them with me to class.  Then I learned how to base ice a 2 layer cake.  I have iced cakes before but this time it actually turned out pretty smooth.  We learned to use a few cake tips too but not on the actual cake.  I was really impressed with the smooth buttercream icing!  And icing between the layers.  Pretty thick icing, huh?  ;-)

240 243


Class 3 – I took a 10” 2 layer cake to class.  The base icing was done at home.  Don’t tell anyone, but I forgot to put icing between the layers.  OOPS!!  But, it didn’t even cross my mind until I arrived to the class & looked at others cakes.  I actually have to laugh at myself over that one.  Then during class we decorated it.  We used 2 different colors & 4 different tips to make these designs.   I was really impressed with the basket weave design.

This is my first official decorated cake!!  What do you think?  I know it has a few flaws, but for my first one, not too bad.  Right?  I’m still learning & can’t wait to see what my other cakes look like over the course of the next few weeks.


378 381

Tip – make sure to put icing between the layers ;-)

Tip – make sure that the icing isn’t too stiff, because stiff icing is hard to work with

Class 4 – Once again, I took an iced 10” 2 layer cake to class.  This is my 2nd decorated cake.  We used 3 different colors; I chose green, orange, and white.  We used 9 different tips!  Yes, that seems like a lot.  So I guess buying all these extra tips wasn’t a bad idea after-all.  At least I am learning how to use them.  This was decorated in several steps and along the way I took pictures.  I guess you could say I a bit proud of my cakes.   I will just share the final cake, instead of all of them, because after-all I am not a photographer. ;-)

017 021


Next week we do not take a cake to class.  We will be learning to make flowers.  These call for stiffer icing so this will be interesting.

So far this class has been lots of fun & I have learned so much.  I feel blessed that my friend wanted to take the class with me even though she went through it several years ago.  In fact, we are having so much fun that we have signed up for the next class that starts in a couple of weeks.  We will learn to decorate with more flowers, fondant, and gum paste.

With each class I will be giving the cakes to someone since we certainly won’t be able to eat that much cake.  Not to mention we might get tired of cake if we were to have it here week after week.  Although, that might add the cushion to my seat ;-)

Have you ever taken a cake decorating class?  What was your favorite part?    Or do you have a different talent/gift?

Maybe the next class I should take is a sewing class.  I have always wanted to learn how to sew.  All these years later, I wish I had taken that Home Economics Class in High School!



Have a Heart “Cake Pop”


These were so much fun to make!

I started w/ a box mix (it was on clearance)!! But if you have a home-made recipe I know it would work great!

Once the cake was baked & cooled, I crumbled it.

178 (2)

Then added just a little bit of the cream cheese frosting/icing. I’m sure you could use home-made icing as well, but once again, I bought the frosting on sale. Because after all, I love saving money! ;-)

Since I have made cake pops before, I knew that it is best to add a little frosting/icing at a time so that it doesn’t get “sticky”.

Sticky = messy & too moist, in my opinion of course.

Once the cake mix crumbs & frosting have been combined thoroughly then you start shaping them. You can roll them into balls. But for this particular batch I wanted hearts. So I flattened the mixture onto a cookie sheet. Then I used a cookie cutter to get the desired shape.

Personally I think it is easier if they are on sticks.

137 , 139 (2)

I placed the sticks before freezing (for obvious reasons of course). ;-)

Then I put a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet, for a flat surface. Then put them in the freezer for a couple of hours.

I melted the almond bark on low in a make-shift double boiler. I know some use the microwave, so it is whichever works best for you.


If you’re curious about my make-shift double boiler – I put about an inch of water in a pot & then placed my metal bowl on top. Turned the burner on low. Hey, it worked ;-)

Once completely melted I pulled the cake pops out of the freezer & dipped into the melted candy one at a time.

If you plan to use sprinkles (as shown in the picture), make sure to dip or sprinkle while the candy is still wet so that it will stick. Personally I think they are tastier without sprinkles, but kids love sprinkles!

Allow them to dry. If you’re using sticks you can push the stick into a piece of styrofoam square or craft stores carry cardboard pieces specifically designed for candy/cake pops.

Once they were completely dry I placed them in clear cellophane wrap & tied w/ a curly ribbon. Also, attached a paper that said “Have a Heart”!!


They were a hit. :-D

Have you ever made cake pops? Any tips you’d like to offer?

DIY Mod Podge Cross

DIY Craft Mod Podge Cross

I am actually really excited to share this easy DIY item, that could easily be given as a gift. I enjoy making gifts for friends and family. This is simple enough that your kids could even help! And it will be a nice gift that won’t break the bank.

This is my Home-made, DIY Mod-Podge Cross

You will need:

Wooden Cross or other wooden item

Stain or Paint, color of choice

Scrap-book paper, or other paper

Scissors (& maybe a razor blade)

Mod-Podge, they have different ones, I used Matte

Small Sponge Brushes

Rolling Pin, from the kitchen or similar item

Wood glue

Hook or hanger

I purchased these crosses at an event here in OKC. But I know that they also carry similar items at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. You might wait until they go 50% off or use a coupon. ;-)

Wooden Cross DIY Craft

I picked out the scrap-book paper that I wanted to use. I have to say that this was a really difficult task since I was planning to give these as a gift. I pondered & pondered, then just decided to pick something. ;-)

Scrapbook Papers

This scrap-book stuff regularly goes on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby &/or Michaels.

In my opinion, it is best to paint or stain the cross or other wooden item before applying the Mod-Podge & paper. I chose to use stain on my crosses. You can buy a small container at Lowe’s or Home Depot for less than $5 and get lots of use out of it.

Make sure that you let the stain or paint dry, completely.

Stained Wooden Cross DIY Craft

Then place the item on the paper & trace around the item, with a pencil. Then cut it out.

This all sounds elementary, so far, right?! ;-)

Even though you’ve traced the item, make sure that you hold it up to the item to see if it needs to be trimmed a bit more.

Mod Podge (Wooden)

Then put a thin layer of Mod-Podge on the wooden item and also a thin layer on the back of the paper. Then place the paper on the wooden item. It will move a little for placement. Be careful not to tear the paper. Even if it does tear it a bit, it probably won’t show once you put more Mod-Podge over it.

Let it dry just a little bit and then use the rolling pin to roll out any bubbles. Make sure to only roll in one direction. Let dry.

Then put another coat of Mod-Podge. Let dry again.

 Wooden Cross DIY Craft 4

Once dry you may notice that the paper it hanging over the edges a bit. If this is the case just carefully trim with a razor blade.

Then if you have more than one cross you can use wood glue to stick together. The small cross that I am using is silver and since it was like a nail on the back I was able to hammer it in and through both crosses.

Then place a hook or hanger on the back so that it can be displayed on the wall.

You’re done. You have a great inexpensive, homemade gift.

Wooden Cross DIY Craft 1 , Mod Podge Wooden Cross DIY Craft 2 ,