Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular

Have you ever wished that you could travel back in time? How about traveling back in time to live among the dinosaurs? Ok, realistically maybe only when you were a child unless you really love dinosaurs as an adult. But, I know that most kids (and some adults) would love to experience dinosaurs outside of a book or museum.

Well, now is your chance to experience life-like dinosaurs in Oklahoma City at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. But you’ll need to hurry because it is only through this weekend.

Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular
The additional show times this weekend are:

Friday, October 24 at 7pm
Saturday, October 25 at 11am, 3pm and 7pm
Sunday, October 26 at 1pm and 5pm

We had the pleasure of attending last night with free tickets in exchange for me spreading the word about the show. Now I love going to events like this and even more when they are free.

But, I have to say that my youngest wasn’t looking forward to going. Yes, he likes dinosaurs, but he is often hesitant to try new things or places. But I assured him that if he would just give it a chance he would have a good time.

As he watched & listened intently I knew that he was having a good time. In fact, so intent that he never even asked to get up for a potty break or a snack. Not once did I miss having to crawl over others in a mad rush to get to the restroom or have soda & popcorn sloshed over others as we got back to our seats.

It was definitely an attention getter for my son and it seemed that everyone around us was that intent on watching the show as well. Although, I will have to say that even though this show is certainly for any age, the babies may not be able to sit through the show, which is about an hour and a half long. There were a couple of babies that we could hear crying through the event. I wasn’t bothered by it but I am sure that the parents were frustrated with trying to keep them quiet until the end of the show.

The dinosaurs were definitely life-like in size, detail, and roars from the hatching of the eggs. I also love that the storyteller told of the dinosaurs and time period that they lived in. He was able to keep the attention of the audience, making it interesting.

Words from my 8 year old son: “I love the show. I thought it was cool. I am telling all of my friends and think they should go. I want to go again.”

Words from my husband (still a kid at heart): I thought how the narrator took the crowd from each type of dinosaur and time period to time period, he did a really good job. I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were walking in but once it started it was really cool and I’m glad that we got to go. The dinosaurs were a pretty good likeness of what dinosaurs would have looked like back then.”

And there you have it, 8 year old and husband approved! If you have the opportunity to go see Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular, we highly recommend it.

The additional show times this weekend are:

Friday, October 24 at 7pm
Saturday, October 25 at 11am, 3pm and 7pm
Sunday, October 26 at 1pm and 5pm

Are you planning to attend? Which showing will you be going to? I would love to hear back from you on what you think of the show.

I wanted to share some of the pictures from our awesome experience at Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular. I wasn’t able to take video or flash photography but did take some pictures with my phone, so they aren’t great but I think you’ll be able to understand we had a wonderful experience.

My family at Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs Collage

Walking with Dinosaurs Program

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 23

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 29

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 31

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 41

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 44

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 54

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 70

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 89

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 92

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 104

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 118

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 127

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 130

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 144

Walking with Dinosaurs pic 157

Ram Rodeo Series Event, OKC

If you are in the Oklahoma City area, then you already know that the Oklahoma State Fair is every September. If you are a newbie like we were 4 years ago, we wondered what all of the hype was about. Some travel quite a distance just to attend the fair. Because after-all, the fair really does have a lot to offer, including the PRCA Xtreme Bulls, a Ram Rodeo Series event. I had no idea that Ram Truck has been an avid sponsor of the Rodeo Sport for over 30 years. I learned more about Ram Trucks while working with them through the Rodeo event.

Ram Truck supports two important passions of the American Heritage; rodeos and automobiles. They help pave the way for future generations of cowboys and cowgirls through various scholarships, auctions, and other initiatives, also supporting local charities. They host more than 500 rodeos throughout the year, being a main attraction and drawing large crowds within the community.

Now, I actually owned & drove a Ram truck myself several years ago and they have certainly upgraded their options since then. When the rodeo is coming to your area, make sure to stop by the Ram Truck onsite. Who knows, you may even have an opportunity to register to win one. And who knows, I may actually be in the market for a new Ram truck in the near future. But shhh, don’t tell my husband. ;-)

Look at these beautiful Ram trucks! The following pictures were provided for my use in this review.

2014 RAM 1500


In working with them, they were kind enough to offer my family tickets to attend in exchange for my honest review.

This was my youngest sons first time to ever attend a Rodeo or XTreme Bull Riding event. He wasn’t real sure what to expect and kept referencing the time that we went to the indoor arena for the Medieval Times. No, this will be much different.

It may sound silly but I love Rodeo’s. No, not just because of the cowboys, although that view never hurts. ;-)

When my husband and I were just dating, the first movie date that we went on was to watch “8 Seconds”. Now you probably already know that it is a movie based on a true story of a bull-rider. If you haven’t seen it you really need to watch it. My cowboy and I have been married now for 20+ years.

I loved being able to experience my sons excitement and interest in the bull riding for the first time. He watched intently while the cowboys were behind the chutes. Asking what they were doing, then watched in awe as they rode the bull. I was explaining to him that the brave cowboys would ride the bulls, hopefully riding until the 8 second buzzer. Then they may get bucked off, jump up and dust off just to do it all over again. This gave a whole new meaning to “pull up them boot straps and dust your-self off”.

He also loved the rodeo clowns. They were able to keep the attention of the audience and make everyone laugh. My son also watched as the rodeo clowns helped distract the bulls.

Rodeo and Bull Riding is great entertainment for the entire family.

We have friends that have 6 boys. The older boys are already involved in rodeo and bull riding. I think it is a great way to teach competition with the western heritage.

There was even a concert after the XTreme Bull Rides. We only stayed for part of it since it was late and we have a little one.

I would highly recommend the Rodeo and XTreme Bull Riding events. Our family enjoyed the evening out. The entertainment is good for any age. We even had quite a few good laughs too.

Thank you again to the Ram Rodeo Series & the PRCA Xtreme Bull for a wonderful family friendly evening event.


If you are planning to attend an event like this call ahead & ask what area is best for parking, so that you can park as close to the building as possible. Otherwise you may park on the complete opposite side of the building.

Also, if the event is being held in conjunction w/ a fair, etc. then allow yourself plenty of time for traffic.

Last, but not least, wear comfortable shoes for the long walk. I wore my boots, of course! Luckily my boots are well broken-in. ;-)

The following are pictures that I took while attending the event. I wish I had been able to take more pictures, but I was busy enjoying the event.

XTReme Bulls

Welcome to the Rodeo


Jim Norick Arena

Rodeo Arena

Do you own &/or drive a Ram truck? If you could choose any color Ram truck, what color would you choose? When is the next rodeo coming to your area?

A Vegetarian for Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

Do you celebrate Halloween? Do you have big plans?

I know lots of schools, churches, and other local businesses hold events on and around Halloween. I’m sure we will be going to the church this evening and go visit a few neighbors.

My youngest wore his costume to school today. Right after lunch-time they will have a parade and a party. Can you say sugar over-load?!!

There were some pretty great looking costumes this morning! Some people are so creative!

Through the years my kids being as spread out in age as they are have been pretty much everything from princesses, super-hero’s, ninja’s, etc.

My youngest though has always stayed pretty much a hero of sorts. Every year it has been a police officer, fire-fighter, air-force pilot, etc., except for his 1st Halloween and that is because he didn’t have a choice in the Elmo costume. ;-) He was a pretty cute Elmo too!

This year he chose to be a SWAT Officer! Luckily we found the costume, so that he didn’t have to dress up as a “vegetarian” as he called it.

This conversation took place just a couple of weeks ago. My daughter called and was talking to my youngest. She asked him “D do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween?”

He responded, “yea, a cop, unless they run out of those costumes, then I’ll be a vegetarian”. No offense to vegetarians, of course!

LOL, not really sure what he meant by that but we laughed. :-D

I would love to hear about your Halloween plans!! Comment below :-)

Check back tomorrow, I will be starting my 30 Days of Thanks for the month of November!

Would you like Goodyear or Firestone?

Many years ago I worked as a Coordinator for a Staffing Agency. I really loved the job and in my opinion, thought I did a pretty good job! I would help companies find employees. I enjoyed reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. It was definitely a “people person” type of position. I actually miss this type of work, since I’m such a shy social butterfly. If that is such a thing!

I have had friends ask for my opinion with their resumes and have always been happy to help. In fact, my husband has encouraged me through the years to help people with their resumes, freelance. Maybe someday!

One time in particular a friend of mine, I will call Kristie, was updating her resume and asked if I would review it and give her my opinion. So that evening I was printing her resume so that I could write on it while I proofed it.

My 6 year old son asked me what I was doing. I explained that I was looking at Kristie’s resume, explaining that she was interested in pursuing a new job. At that time she was in an Administrative Assistant type of position.

Oh, you could see the wheels turning in that little head of his. He thought about it for a moment.

So he said in an excited voice, “Mom, I know what Kristie should do!”

So I said, “What do you think Kristie should do?”

He said, “I think Kristie should have a tire stand.”

So I questioned him about what kind of tire stand and what would she do with a tire stand.

He looked at me like I knew nothing at all. You know that look! Duh… ;-)

Then he explained to me that if Kristie had a tire stand she would sell the tires.

So my 6 year old son is qualified to help her determine her life-long career goals!!

Would you like Goodyear or Firestone?

When I shared this with my friend we sure got a good laugh out of it!! ;-)

Is there ice cream in that cone

A few months back my 6 year old & I had been out running errands. I wanted to be bad & have a snack. So I asked him if he wanted an ice cream. Now what kid do you know that would turn that down? Not my son, after-all he is mine & I love sweets!!

So we stopped at Chick-fil-A. I told the young lady that I wanted 2 small ice cream cones. My son interrupts me and says “it will come with ice cream in it right?”

I guess the way I placed the order he thought he was just going to get the cone.

I couldn’t help but laugh. Then he told me on the way home, “Don’t tell dad that I said that, okay”. You’ve got it! I’ll just share it with everybody because it is too cute!!

I just love his innocence.

What are little boys are made of

My 6 year old son is constantly coming up with the funniest stories and definitely keeping us on our toes. I do believe it is his natural ability to make people laugh by being truly innocent and honest at the same time.

I just love sharing stories about him such as this one….

We were sitting together on the couch winding down after a busy day. He is kicking off his shoes, then takes off his socks. Stretching out he says, “mom, you know what I’m made of?” I immediately think of the nursery rhyme, That’s What Little Boys Are Made Of and wonder where is he going with this. I said, “what are you made of sweetie?”

As he leans forward and pulls a piece of fuzz out from between his toes he says, “I’m made of cotton”. Yep, that is what it looks like to a little one.

He really is a joy!

What are some funny things that your little one’s have said?

Mom, I can’t miss you

The first weekend of June my husband left town to play in a golf tournament. He left on Sunday afternoon and was expected back the following night. Then on Monday morning I dropped off my 15 year old son to go to Church Camp for a week. My 6 year old son moped around all day, missing both of them terribly. He was doing “special” things for daddy and brother. Things like drawing pictures, then putting them and toys into gift-sacks, etc. Then that evening at bed time my 6 year old told me “mom, I can’t miss you because you’re never gone”. Not sure how to take that, but ok (LOL)! But he’s right. As moms we don’t get days off!!

National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Today, October 18, 2012

Who knew that there was a National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

My son will be so thrilled. Two of his favorite things. Chocolate and cupcakes!!

He loves to add the frosting himself, then there is a sprinkle explosion!!

If we are able to make these tonight I will post a picture of his cupcake ;-)

Praying During The Storms

Oklahoma Storm Clouds

We first visited Oklahoma City (OKC) in June 2010. This was the visit to explore a little to see if my husband would accept this transfer. We were all excited and a little nervous. During that visit there was a storm that caused severe flooding and caused us to be stuck in our hotel for most of the 1st day.

I remember telling my husband, “This is a sign that we shouldn’t be doing this”!! But within a few short months we had relocated to Oklahoma City (OKC), despite those fears.

Within the first two months of living here we experienced our first storm as a resident. I remember my husband calling me on his way home from work. He said that they were sending everybody home because a storm was coming. As I looked out it was sunny and beautiful. We thought they were crazy. Little did we know that the weather-person knew exactly what they were talking about.

The storm hit within about two hours. So the weather-person really did know something!! Within about a half mile from where we were living at the time, there was severe damage from high winds and hail. Utility poles were pulled completely out of the ground.

We learned at that moment, when the weather reports said it would hit a specific intersection at a certain time, they were right or pretty darn close!!

Then after only living here for 10 months a tornado wiped out an area a few miles from us. The same area where our friends live. Thankfully they all survived, but they had to rebuild their house.

Having small children and seeing such devastation from these storms changes a persons thinking. When we hear that there is a storm coming, we get things ready.

This weekend Oklahoma had some severe weather. My husband was out of town and my 15 year old was at an Advanced Drama Competition, so my 6 year old and I took action, just in case. My 6 year old gets very nervous about the bad weather. But we made sure we had snacks, water, extra clothes, etc. in the event we had to get into the storm shelter. I would much rather be prepared and never have to use it than need it and not be ready.

While I was rushing around getting these things ready my 6 year old son came to me so sweetly. He puts his hands together to pray and closed his eyes. He thanked God for all of the wonderful rain, then said, “God please don’t let us have tornado’s and I’m not going to cry” as he choked back the tears. That made me have to choke back the tears too.

What a wonderful display of how thankful we should be for the blessings that we receive even if we are asking God for no devastation. I was so proud. :-)

How do your kids handles storms? Doesn’t their strength amaze you, daily?!!

Proud Mommy Moment

American Flags

A couple of nights ago my 6 year old and I ran into a local Dollar General. Outside of this particular store they have an American Flag flying. As we walked out my son said in an excited voice, “Mom, look at the American flag!”

Then he stopped, put his hand over his heart, and said The Pledge of Allegiance, right outside of the store.

WOW!! That brought tears to my eyes!! I am so proud that he would stop in his tracks to do this, even with customers walking by.

What an awesome display of patriotism that my 6 year old just showed. Especially when there are times you can’t even get adults to cooperate during the National Anthem at ball games.

We don’t have immediate family in the military, but do have close friends that served in the military. Regardless, I am glad that we teach our kids to acknowledge and appreciate everything that they do to protect our freedom. I’m also pleased to know that their school still teaches The Pledge of Allegiance each and every morning, since so many are going with the “politically correct” and doing away with it.

Are your kids at a school that still teaches this?