Skinny Cow Divine, Review

Last month I received a JollyVoxBox from Influenster. I received Skinny Cow Divines complimentary for testing purposes. They have asked that I share my honest opinion of the product.

Skinny Cow Divine

My son was excited that this JollyVoxBox arrived with some chocolate. I have tried the Skinny Cow products previously but had not tried this particular one. The Skinny Cow Divine, peanut butter cream, was quite delightful. It is a milk chocolate candy bar with a peanut butter center. I almost felt guilty eating it, but its Skinny Cow and only 130 calories. My son can even vouch that it was delicious since he snuck in some chocolate too. I love that the candy bar came in 3 pieces, so that you can save some for later, if you can refrain from eating all of it at once.

Have you tried the Skinny Cow products? Which is your favorite? Have you tried the Skinny Cow Divine?

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  1. I tried the caramel one just the other day…I usually buy the turtle ones…those are really good too! I’ll have to look for the peanut butter ones next time I go shopping.

  2. I haven’t had these before but my sister and mom have. They said they are really good. I need to pick up some the next time I see them at the store.

  3. Wow I think I need to try these! Sound delicious!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from SITS comment love challenge.

  4. Oh these look absolutely delicious and worth every calorie. I haven’t tried these but I love Skinny Cow ice cream treats. Yum!

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