Mini Ducklings Duct-Tape, Review

Also in my JollyVoxBox that I received last month from Influenster was Mini Ducklings Duct-Tape, I received it complimentary to share my honest opinion of the product.

Mini Ducklings DuctTape

Now I have purchased duct-tape before but boy have they come a long way in design! The Mini Ducklings Duct-Tape is slim, yet chic in design. These print designs are great for crafts or DIY projects instead of the boring silver duct-tape. When I received it in the mail I had no idea what I was going to do with it in order to give it a review. But with the New Year and my new goals, I was able to put it to use on my binder. There is no reason to throw something out that can be re-purposed with a strong, yet chicly designed mini duct-tape! The Mini Ducklings Duct-Tape is in fact mini, but great for small projects that still need strong hold. Since receiving it in the mail I have noticed that there are many patterns to choose from in the store.

How will you be using your Mini Ducklings Duct-Tape? What is your favorite pattern?

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Ducklings Duck Tape


  1. I LOVE these decorative little rolls of duct tape!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      I agree! They are so fun! Since getting this one for a review, I have purchased a few other designs. Thanks for stopping by.

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