NYC HD Color Trio, Review

The 5th and final product that I received in December in the JollyVoxBox was the NYC HD Color Trio compliments of Influenster for giving my opinion of the product.

NYC HD Color Trio

Again, I was thrilled to receive it because after-all it is make-up. I had not tried the NYC HD Color Trio prior to doing the review. The color trio that was sent to me was Long Beach Sands 781. I love the colors. They are neutral and colors that I wear already. They are great for every day wear or change them up a little for an evening wear look.

I like that the colors glide on smoothly. They are long wearing colors that don’t crease, which are important to me. There are also other color trios to choose from.

One suggestion that I would make is to have an applicator that is a little bigger/longer. Although, the applicator that comes in the NYC HD Color Trio is small, it is still a great product that I would recommend.

Have you ever tried the NYC HD Color Trio? What color eye shadow do you wear?

Got It From Influenster

NYC HD Color Trio


  1. I have not tried this lip gloss, but I will now! I seem to buy a lot of different ones that I don’t like and they stay in the drawer! Visiting from SITS

  2. Looks like a nice neutral palette. I like to wear neutrals most of the time. Every now and then I shake it up with a fun blue or purple!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      I love the neutral colors & love using purple shades from time to time. I haven’t used blue in years, but it looks great on others. Thanks for stopping by

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