It’s a Birthday, Teacher

You might remember that I am the Room Mom for my sons 2nd Grade Class. And yes, there are times that I quietly ask myself “what were you thinking?”

But I really enjoy being able to help and since I am going to be there helping anyway, I might as well be Room Mom. This gives me an opportunity to get to know the teachers and students too.

This year, this is the teachers first year to teach. She is young and moved here from out of state and misses her family. And since I know how homesick my daughter gets being in another state without us, I have tried to check on his teacher regularly to see if she needs anything etc.

Since her birthday was in January, right after returning from the Christmas holiday break, I told her I wanted to drop off a sweet treat for her & the class. Of course, she sweetly said that we didn’t need to but I wanted to. After we talked about her birthdays while she was growing up it made me want to do something special for her even more.

She expressed that growing up her birthdays weren’t a big event. She continued to tell me that her birthday was just so soon after Christmas for big celebrations and she also shared her birthday with a sibling even though they are several years apart. So if there were birthday parties, they were simple and shared.

But when she said that growing up birthdays just weren’t that special, I decided to make this one a little more special for her, or at least try.

I knew that I could throw a heck of a party, but the school and parents probably wouldn’t appreciate that too much, plus I wanted to include the kids. ;-)

So I went right to work requesting a few dollars from parents of each student in class to purchase her a gift from the class. I made cake pops/balls for the students to enjoy in class.

And to top it off, I wanted to give her something special; her very own birthday cake!

You might remember me mentioning a few months ago that I have been taking cake decorating classes. I may not be an expert at cake decorating, but I still think the cake turned out great.

What do you think?

Birthday Cake

When I showed up at the school cake pops/balls in one hand and a cake in the other, I am sure she thought that I was crazy about to feed all of sugar to already restless kids. Then I explained that the cake pops/balls were for the class to enjoy and the cake was for her party. It just so happened, that evening she had plans with friends. So she decided to save it & they could all enjoy the birthday cake.

So she was able to have a birthday party all of her own and a special cake to share with others.


  1. That was so nice of you. I’m sure she really appreciated it. The cake turned out great. It looks like you used fondant for the flowers? How do you like working with it? I make my own when I use it and I love what you can do with it.

    I used to share my birthday with a great uncle. I didn’t mind much since it was always a huge gathering with homemade ice cream. I still am more likely to make homemade ice cream for my birthday instead of cake. :)

    • TamaraWillis says:

      I have not made the homemade fondant yet. Since I am still taking classes I bought some pre-made from the instructor. I bet it was great having a huge gathering. I actually shared my birthday with my grandmother but don’t remember ever spending one with her because we lived so far away all of the years I was growing up. I bet you have some great homemade ice cream recipes too!

  2. My sister just had a baby girl on New Years’ Eve, who now shares a birthday with her oldest brother. They are 11 years apart; and he was less than excited. I’m glad you were able to do this for that teacher who is new to the area, I am sure she will never forget it!

  3. How incredibly sweet! I love it when people take time out of their busy schedules just to make someone feel loved, appreciated and special. Where I live a homemade cake is a rarity. Everyone orders from the local grocery store or just picks one out and has their name put on it. I think homemade is the best!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      Oh Teryn you are so sweet & just made my day. I love doing for others, it is so fulfilling. Homemade is the best & hopefully my cake decorating skills will continue to improve. Thanks for stopping by.

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