The Color Run OKC

Do you love to run? Or are you a walker? Have you participated in The Color Run?

Although, a couple of years ago I really wanted to start running. It is probably because I have so many friends that run. I had to accept the fact that I am just not a runner. I love to walk though and do so as much as I can.

So when The Color Run came up I considered attending. In fact, it was something that we had discussed doing as a family. But the week of the event I was trying to come up with an excuse not to go. Do you ever do that?

But then I had a surprise package come in the mail. It was a colorful tutu. One of my Texas friends made it & mailed it to me. I had jokingly mentioned a few weeks prior that all girls need a tutu. I never imagined that I would get a surprise in the mail the week of the run. Thank you friend! So there was no backing out of the event now, right?!

The Color Run Tutu

Anyway, I picked up The Color Run packets the day before the event. Now I was actually pretty excited. Although, I have participated in walking events while living in Texas, I hadn’t participated in anything like The Color Run. I was in for something new and exciting.

But when my youngest thought about the fact that we would be walking and getting “colored stuff” all over us, he was really reluctant. So reluctant that I almost gave in and said that we would just sleep in. It would have been so easy to sleep in. Because a girls gotta get her beauty sleep! ;-)

But it wasn’t his decision.

So we got up early and yes, he was still fussing about going. But we made it more fun by taking lots of fun pictures and just being silly. Once the walk started, he kept telling us that he didn’t want to walk through the “colored stuff” so he walked outside of the trail so that he didn’t get it on him. That worked great on the first color. But on the second color they noticed that he tried walking outside the trail to avoid color, they chased him & he got color all over him. Yeah! He loved it! We played and had a great time.

He even saw a couple of his teachers and we saw lots of interesting things. We took lots of pictures!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures that we took at the event.

Have you participated in The Color Run? Are you a runner or a walker? Since the race I have had several friends say that we should walk/run on a team next time! Are you in? :-)

Thanks to the wonderful Oklahoma City Moms Blog where I won the registration when they hosted a giveaway. And they let me walk on their team with an awesome t-shirt!

The Color Run with friends

Before the race
The Color Run Before 1

At the starting line & if you look close you can see bubbles in the air
The Color Run starting line

And the interesting things that you see during the race
The Color Run Interesting

Lots of colorful signs along the way
The Color Run signs 1

The Color Run signs 2

The Color Run signs 3

The Color Run signs 4

The Color Run signs 5

The Color Run signs 6

We made it to the finish line
The Color Run finish 1

The Color Run finish 2

The Color Run finish 3

The Color Run finish 4

The Color Run finish 5

Me with my youngest after the race
The Color Run after pics 1

My hubs with my youngest during the race (taking a little break)
The Color Run My boys

Creative K Kids

 photo 0b596c19-7bb3-4256-89d4-2ff3932da329_zpse9b1cc3f.jpg

The Walker Fireside Chats


  1. I am sooooooo not a runner, but I have had several friends do the Color Run and love it! You can’t say “no” to a tutu : )

    Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that is sooo not a runner!! And, yes! We can’t say “no” to a Tutu!! :-)
      So glad that I found your link up. Thanks for hosting the link up.

  2. I did a Run or Dye 5k a few weeks ago and had a blast! The Color Run seems to be a lot more organized. I love all the signs and fun stuff they have. I walked most of the 5k because I am not a runner, but it was still so much fun! Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings.

    • TamaraWillis says:

      They are a lot of fun! I am looking forward to future runs (or walks). Thanks for stopping by, so glad that I found the link up.

  3. Hello! I am new to your website and LOVE it! So lovely! This run looks like a ton of fun! I hate running (only run if something is chasing me!) :) However, I would maybe considering participating in a run like this! Thanks so much for posting on #SmallVictoriesSunday! Hope to see you there again next week!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      Hi Amy! So glad that you stopped by. Yes, I would be right there w/ you running if something was chasing us! :-D
      I would love to have a team next time, we could walk! Wanna join?

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