Braces After 40, Update 1

Since I have had a couple of messages asking for an update on my braces I thought it would be a great post for today, especially since I just went for my 3rd appointment on last Monday! If you want to catch up on my experience, here is that post! Braces After 40

I have been wearing braces now for 3 ½ months and only have about 20 ½ months to go. Yeah! Doesn’t seem that long, right?!

At this appointment she told me that she put a different shape wire on and that I might be a little sore than the other two appointments. Yes, she was right!

To me the change is noticeable. My front 2 teeth aren’t tipped back as much as they were but they do have a little bit more space between them. As they have been moving at times 1 of my front two teeth weren’t even aligned. But I realize that I probably notice little things like that on myself where someone else may not even notice. Since my front 2 teeth needed the most movement, (in my opinion) that is where I have noticed the most change.

I still love my braces. Yes, my teeth are a little sore for a few days after each appointment but I know it won’t last long. Plus, I am tough or at least I try to tell myself that I am. ;-) LOL

Even though I have braces on, I have already noticed that I am not as self-conscious as before.

So my next appointment is scheduled for 6 weeks away and I will be getting the bottom braces on at that appointment as well. I am a little nervous about it because then I will be forced to wear rubber-bands.

For those of you that have worn braces, I have heard that the rubber-bands are awful. Is it really that bad? I am a little scared. I know that sounds silly, but I am.

Here are a few pics of my progress so far and please don’t judge my selfie. I stink at taking selfies!

What do you think about my progress so far? Can you tell they’re moving?

Before Braces
Before Braces

Day 1 after they were put on
Braces 1

After 7 weeks
Braces 2

After 3 1/2 months
Braces 3

Only one week after having the new bracket placed at 3 1/2 months, the gap between my front two teeth is closing.

Braces 4

Thanks so much for all of the kind and encouraging words, as well as checking on me during my progress. I know that a few of you have shared that you really wanted to get braces. Have you taken that next step? I would love to hear where you are with your decision.


  1. I didn’t even notice them when we met a couple weeks ago! I admire you for getting them after 40…I for one had them for 8 years as a kid; so I doubt I will go get them again anytime soon! Good luck with them!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      You may not have noticed because we were eating & I was afraid I would have food stuck in them LOL Thanks

  2. Looks like the braces are working. I so remember the awful soreness after getting a new wire put on. I had to wear rubber bands and I don’t remember them being a bother at all. So don’t worry. The new wires we always worse for me. I ended up with two sets because my teeth were so bad. The function of my jaw was off and I had other problems that lead me to get braces. I’m glad I had them it made eating so much easier.

    • TamaraWillis says:

      Shelly, It is good to know that the rubber bands shouldn’t be too bad. I worry about new wires w/ top & bottom braces. I am sure it will be more sore than what it has been already.

  3. Had braces myself, many moons ago! Just put them on my 13yr old last month. Bless you sister and good luck!!
    Thanks for sharing your story over on Blogger Brags!

  4. Congrats on getting braces after 40! I have braces too! I just turned 42 this month and I got braces on March 18, 2014. I have a blog too! I completely understand your feeling on posting pictures of your teeth. It took a lot for me to post mine since all my life Ive always hid my smile with my hands. My blog has very detailed pics that aren’t so pretty but it shows you exactly what I am going through. I figured if it helps another adult going through what we are, then why not. Also, we are on our way to a beautiful straight smile! ;) Stop by if you like!! I will follow your blog and look forward to seeing your progress! :)

    • TamaraWillis says:

      Jennifer, I left you a comment on your blog as well. But just wanted to say how happy I am that you found my post & we are going through this journey together. I can’t wait to read updates from you.

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