BJ’s Restaurant Mobile App, Review & Giveaway

I received a Gift-Card in exchange for my honest review of the new mobile app, as well as a Gift-Card to give away to one of my readers (rafflecopter link below).

Summer-time fun! Are you running from the pool, to bowling, the movies, theme parks, etc. just trying to keep the little ones entertained? Then on the ride home, everybody is complaining that they are hungry, right?! I am sure that you know that scenario all too well!

Or maybe you find yourself running from work, to pick up kids from school and then to all of the kids extra-curricular activities. At some point you have to feed the team, right?!

Or maybe, just maybe you’re living in limbo from the sell of a house before you get into the next house. (Yes, this has been our recent experience which I can tell you about in a later post.) But, whether you’re staying in a hotel, staying with family/friends, or roughing it in an RV you still have to eat, right?! And the fast food lines, sandwiches, and other snacks get old quick, especially if it is for any length of time.

So you’re thinking a nice, sit down dinner versus the usual drive-through options? But everybody is so hungry that you don’t think they can wait patiently for a seat and then on top of that decide what everybody wants to eat, get it ordered, and on the table. That kind of meal could take up to a couple of hours. And we all know how stressful it can be in a restaurant with hungry kids. The scenario of the moody kids, the fighting among siblings, bodies sliding under the table, on top of that, trying to juggle their orders while deciding what you’ll order for yourself?

But, wait! What if there was an option to make a nice, sit down dinner a reality without the hassle and it saves time. In fact, you could possibly be in and out of the restaurant in less than an hour even if you choose to dine-in at the restaurant.

Did I spark your attention?

Yes, you read that correctly. You can have a nice, sit down dinner that everyone will enjoy in less time. And, yes the restaurant has a full menu with lots of options to please even the pickiest of eaters. Pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more!

BJ’s Restaurant recently contacted me with an offer. They wanted me to download their new app (it launched on July 10th) on my smartphone & review the Dine-In Order Ahead option. And since my family loves BJ’s Restaurant, of course I accepted! You can check out the new app here BJ’s Restaurant app. The app will allow you to let the restaurant know your arrival time, and order ahead (before you get to the restaurant). In the event that you are not ordering through the app, the app will even allow you to put your party on the wait-list before you get to the restaurant.

Let me explain to you how easy it is to use the app.

I downloaded the app prior to dining at the restaurant. The app will walks you through each step.

First I selected which location I was planning to visit (it will allow you to change locations if you’re planning to go to a different location on a different day/time).

Then you get to choose whether you will Dine-In, Take Out, or have Curbside. We chose Dine-In because like I mentioned before we were in limbo and didn’t want to take it back to the RV. Plus, I also wanted to have the full experience of the app so we chose to Dine-In.

Then you get to select the date and time of your BJ’s Restaurant visit. I literally put our order in on the way to the restaurant. It was that easy. My teenage son was happy to drive us there that evening! ;-)

You will also want to select how many are in your party, there were 4 of us the evening that we went to BJ’s Restaurant. Ordering on the app is great for parties of up to 9 people.

Then click on the little button that says “Let’s Eat” to place your order.

You can order your appetizers, drinks, meals etc.! You can even specify modifications to your order. For instance, my husband ordered a pizza but wanted it without black olives (how could he not like black olives on his pizza is beyond me :-) ).

And don’t forget to order dessert. Yes, you can order that on the app as well and it will be brought out when you’re ready, considering that you’re dining in.

So you’ve placed your order and let the restaurant know your date/time of arrival. Now what?

When you arrive at BJ’s Restaurant let the hostess know that you are there and that you’ve placed an order through the app. They will scan the app from your phone. A receipt will print that the hostess will carry to the table when you are seated.

When the waiter/waitress greets you at the table, they will verify the order and you’re set. Everything comes out in a timely manner, still giving you time to enjoy the appetizer before the meal comes out, and your meal before dessert comes out, etc.!

Also on the app is a Mobile Pay. I decided to use this feature because I wanted to see if it was really that easy. And yes, it was that easy. While the kids were enjoying their dessert I paid for our meal. The waitress came over to check on us once more and let us know the payment had been processed. My payment receipt was emailed to me.

We were in and out of their in less than an hour. We visited BJ’s Restaurant on a Monday evening at 6:15 pm during their busy dinner time, of course on a weekend night it might be a little busier but I am sure it would still save you time and you’d get an awesome meal that everyone in your party will enjoy.

Have you download or used the app yet? What are your thoughts?

Our BJ’s Restaurant experience was exceptional and I definitely love the app and plan to use it during our upcoming visits. Also, when you use the app there is a BJ’s Premier Rewards where you will earn points, so you’ll definitely want to use that app when you’re dining (Dine-In, Take-Out, or Curb-Side) at BJ’s Restaurant.

Now I mentioned that BJ’s Restaurant contacted me to try out their new app. They provided me with a gift-card for our dinner AND they have provided a gift-card for me to giveaway. Yeah! I get to give a BJ’s Restaurant gift-card to one lucky reader.

Here is a link to the BJ’s Restaurant locations.

Comment below & tell me which location you plan to visit if you WIN the BJ’s Restaurant Gift-Card AND Follow the link to register to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

BJ's Restaurant Gift-Card

Here are a few pictures from our visit at BJ’s Restaurant. They aren’t the best pictures because my phone died shortly after we arrived so my son helped out with the pictures. I apologize that the quality isn’t better.

Our appetizer: Crisp Potato Skins
BJs Restaurant Potato Skins

Entrees: Kids Pizza
BJs Restaurant Kids Pizza

Entrees: Grilled Chicken Pasta
BJs Restaurant Grilled Chicken Pasta

Entrees: BJ’s Favorite/Supreme Pizza

BJs Restaurant Supreme Pizza

Entrees: California Chicken Sandwich & Tomato Soup

BJs Restaurant California Chicken Sandwich

BJs Restaurant Tomato Soup

BJs Restaurant Chocolate Chunk Cookie

BJs Restaurant Cookie

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  1. Welcome back! I have never eaten at BJ’s. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. Jerin Mills says:

    I love BJ’s for lunch since the Boulder, CO location is right by my office :) I would definitely use the app for that case since lunch is limited on time :)

  3. We have been to BJs once before. My kids really like their homemade root beer, and I liked the prices. We went on a sunday afternoon and still had really great service. I will have to check their app out!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      Yes, my kids love the root beer & dessert (cookies) from BJ’s! I think you’ll love the new app.

  4. Susan Christy says:

    7960 E Kellogg Ave
    Wichita, KS

  5. Either Orlando or Clearwater :)

  6. Just saw someone mention the BJ’s in Albuquerque uptown on facebook. I can’t wait to eat there!

  7. Susan Christy says:

    Thank you! I emailed you my info.

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