Seasonal Allergies in OKC, Scotties Facial Tissue Review

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Well, it is official.

We have lived in OKC for 5 years now! But technically, my kids and I didn’t relocate here until the first weekend in August even though my husband started work here July 12th, 5 years ago. But little did we know at that time that Oklahoma City was rated in the top 10 worst cities that will experience the worst spring time allergies. But really, OKC is in the top 3. We still love it here in OKC, even if it is listed in the top 3 cities for the worst spring allergies.

Look at this list! Are you in one of the top 10 cities that experience the worst spring allergies?

Jacksonville, MS *worst*
Louisville, KY
Oklahoma City, OK
Memphis, TN
Knoxville, TN
McAllen, TX
Wichita, KS
Dayton, OH
Providence, RI
Richmond, VA

My family suffers from seasonal allergies and my 2 boys also suffer from asthma. The seasonal allergies tend to trigger the asthma. We do our best to keep things under control, but there are times and situations where we have to be prepared for the stuffy, running nose, and itchy watery eyes, etc.

Many teenagers look for ways to earn a little cash during the summer months. Not only does it keep a few dollars in their pockets, but it teaches them some responsibility and it’s even better when it keeps them from getting bored or getting into trouble.

My teenage son is no different. He has wanted to earn his own money since he was a youngster. But to do so, he had to resort to lawn-care jobs, cleaning up buildings, etc. Because let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of options for teenagers until they are 16-18 years old. Yes, those are the places that have additional allergy triggers. From dust, molds, pollen, grasses, etc.

Even though my older son is 18 now, he still has work responsibilities and it consists of lawn-care and cleaning up during the summer. Because we prefer that he concentrate on school during the school year and working for himself during the summer months gives him flexibility. So it is not unusual for him to come in after a long day with itchy, watery eyes and stuffy, runny nose. I thought I would share a few of the things that he does to fight allergy season.

He will take an antihistamine in the morning and a decongestant at night. Drinking plenty of water and eating right, including plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. We wash bedding and towels in hot water, regularly. Wiping down surfaces to free them of dust, like counters, dressers, window blinds, ceiling fans, etc. We vacuum regularly too, because if you’re dusting it’s falling to the floor! We no longer have indoor plants (except for the occasional flowers that my husband brings home “just because” :-) ). We have also gotten rid of things like stuffed animals, fabric furniture, etc. as these items tend to have allergens that are hard to wash away. We also keep the mattress and pillow covered in an allergen-free cover. Wearing good sunglasses and a dust-mask when outdoors. Another thing that we feel is very helpful is for him to shower immediately after coming in from work. This removes the dirt, dust, grass, and other things that have collected on his skin while he has been exposed to the elements allergens that trigger the symptoms.

Even as hard as we try, he does still suffer from seasonal allergies at times. That is why we keep Scotties Facial Tissues on hand. And we are also stirring up a lot of dust at our new home (more details to come), so these tissues are real handy right now. I love the aloe lotion enriched Scotties Facial Tissues. You know that seasonal allergies (and household dust) typically equal a raw nose from all of the rubbing and wiping. Well Scotties Facial Tissues that are aloe lotion enriched are awesome. These 3-ply tissues are strong, yet still soft for that delicate skin. These are a must have from anyone that suffers from seasonal allergies, flu symptoms, etc. These would also be a great item to send to the school since they ask for facial tissue as part of the school supply list. Because we know that once school starts, so do the runny noses.

Scotties Facial Tissues Aloe Lotion

Scotties Facial Tissues w Aloe Lotion

Have you tried these 3-ply aloe lotion enriched Scotties Facial Tissues? What are some ways that you deal with seasonal allergies?

I was given 3-ply aloe lotion enriched Scotties Facial Tissues in exchange for a review. The review is my honest opinion as well as all details included here.

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  1. I have seasonal allergies but for me it’s always in the spring right when the trees are in bloom. This time of year isn’t too bad. But I’ve noticed that the grass has been getting to me to this year. I heard on the news our pollen levels are much higher than usual here. Probably because we haven’t had really any significant rain since June 4th which is really unusual for us. I love the tissues with lotion in them, they are so soft. I hope you and your family don’t suffer with allergies too bad this year.

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