Mr. Sketch Scented Marker/Highlighter, ReView

Do you ever have those little things that can bring back some fond memories? And now I have to thank Influenster for the complimentary items that I received in exchange for my honest review. Now they’re even bringing back memories to me!

Mr Sketch Scented Marker

Well, that is what happened when I got the Mr. Sketch Scented Marker in this VoxBox. When I was a little girl, I remember getting scented markers as a gift at Christmas time. Oh, the things that I could create! My, how those were simpler times. Now kids get electronics and other large items, mine included. Did you ever have scented markers as a child?

This marker is orange scented, but not so much that it is overwhelming. It still highlights great and would be a great addition to a students school list.

The information that came in my VoxBox says that there will be a special edition this holiday. A Holiday pack includes the candy cane and gingerbread scented markers. This is another great stocking stuffer idea. That is how I plan to use the coupon that I received from Influenster. Thanks Influenster!

They have a really cool website. Check out their website, the kids would even love the website too Mr. Sketch Scented Marker

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  1. Yes, I had a set of these markers too. I usually purchase a new set each year for my kids at back to school time, they love creating with them.

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