Alexia Frozen Sides, Review

Influenster sent me a complimentary coupon for Alexia Frozen Sides, in exchange for my honest review.

Alexia Frozen Sides Coupon
So with my coupon I chose the sweet potato fries. For a couple of reasons; they are great alone and they go great with chicken. Not to mention it is a little different from the typical fries.

I was really tempted to get the waffle fries so that I could share a recipe with you, but I will do that on another day!

I love that the sides have just the right amount of seasoning. They are also fresh and I don’t have to worry about bad pieces. My kids loved that I served a Alexia Frozen Side with dinner, especially since it was different than the norm. It’s always great to change things up a bit. And there were no complaints coming out at the table with this side dish.

I love that Alexia offers many different frozen food varieties. They have potatoes, appetizers, breaks, and side dishes.

I have also purchased other Alexia sides before and loved them just as well.

The Alexia Frozen Sides are fresh, tasty and I feel confident about the ingredients in the sides, since they are all natural. Alexia Foods offers a recipe tab on their website. So if you’re looking for extra inspiration, head on over there too. They also have a tab with video’s and tips. I know that I love to cook and bake, but I can still use extra inspiration at times. Can’t we all?

Here is their website so that you can see the variety of items that they have to offer Alexia Foods

Their FB Page

Remember that I told you they have recipes and videos, check them out on Pinterest

And share the love with those you love #FarmtoFlavor


  1. We’ve never had the sweet potato fries mainly because my husband won’t eat sweet potatoes at all. But the waffle fries sure would go over well at our house.

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