Finding Myself Already Behind On Day One

For many, the New Year brings resolutions. A resolution; new plans &/or goals. But really we don’t need a New Year to start anew. In fact, I joined in on a writing challenge beginning today, February 1st. I joined in on this challenge to get me jump-started into blogging again. After all I have big goals over the next few months.

Due to some things going on here at home after our big move and other things within the family, I know that I have been MIA too much over the last several months. Being MIA, wasn’t intentional at all. And now, on day #1, I feel like I am already behind. I had really good intentions to get a post written & scheduled for first thing this morning, but things don’t always go as planned. I spent most of the weekend in bed and then a couple of hours in the doctor’s office today.

After arriving at the doctor’s office today, I found it ridiculous that I had to fill out all new paperwork even as an existing patient plus sign a form giving my doctor consent to treat me. If I didn’t want to be treated I wouldn’t have spent my afternoon in his office. I could have found many more interesting things to do with my two hours. Maybe it was my headache that found me grouchy about the situation.

Would you have found this situation as irritating?

Luckily I like and trust my doctor otherwise I may have just walked out. But I have used this doctor since moving here 5+ years ago. Too bad his office staff isn’t up to par, in my opinion. And while I am on topic, they need some better magazines! I guess I could take a stack to leave there next time I have an appointment.

What is your favorite magazine to flip through while waiting at the doctors office?

This is Day 1 of my personal 10 minute writing challenge.


  1. I’m proud of you! Day 1 is done. I’ve struggled to find time today to write for tomorrow.

    P.S. You’re not late as there was no time other than write a post for Feb 1. Which you did with minutes to spare. Three cheers for you!

    • TamaraWillis says:

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, at least it happened before the day was done, with just moments to spare ;-)
      Cheers to you as well!!

  2. I usually take my Kindle and read through a book I’m waiting on in the doctors office. I recently went to a new doctor and filled out all the forms online and printed them so I wouldn’t have to do it in the office. But I still had to arrive 20 minutes early for my appointment which was really annoying since it only took 5 minutes to check in. Yes I’m not that great of a patient.

    To encourage you, I do most of my writing in batches when I feel like writing I’ll write 3-6 posts. I just write them. Then a few days later I’ll proofread them and make photos for the post. I find that if I do batches I can get quite a few posts written. I have days when writing doesn’t sound good but editing photos sounds like fun. By doing it in batches I don’t have to force myself to write when I don’t feel like it.

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